DeGroote School of Business


The Master of Finance program provides you with in-depth training in finance, emphasizing the development of the analytical skills required to address the increasingly complex problems faced by the financial industry.​

The program is composed of four terms. Students will complete two four-month academic terms, followed by one four-month scheduled break providing students an opportunity to seek employment and complete external certifications. Students will return to complete one final four-month academic term to complete the program.

Program Requirements

​Once enrolled in the program, you must:​

  • Earn at least a B- to pass each course. ​
  • Have an overall average of at least a B to graduate from the program.​
  • Participate in a mandatory Transition program at the beginning of the MFIN program. The Transition program includes career development opportunities, financial modeling workshops, and a math/statistics review covering the basic aspects of differential and integral calculus, linear algebra, and statistics and probability.​
  • Complete a career development preparation course. The purpose of this course is to equip students with the necessary tools to aid in their summer and graduate employment search process.


Financial Reporting and Modelling​

Introduction to Finance​

Economics of Financial Decisions & Financial Markets​

Statistics for Financial Applications​

Financial Instruments and Their Markets

Career Development Tools (Part A)

Financial Econometrics I​


Numerical Methods​

Financial Modeling

Financial Theory​

Career Development Tools (Part B)​

During this scheduled break, students have the opportunity to seek employment* and gain valuable work experience within or outside of Canada, develop the language skills needed to succeed in the Canadian finance sector or work towards completion of designations such as CFA.​

*Please note that although we will try our best, there is no guarantee of a work placement during this term. ​

Financial Econometrics II

Computational Finance​

Fixed Income Securities​

Elective #1 (chosen from this list)​

Elective #2 (chosen from this list)

Additional Program Information