Master of Finance

Risk. Reward. Determination. 

DeGroote’s Master of Finance prepares you to navigate financial risk and maximize opportunities in the high-stakes field of finance.

Using Financial Tools

VBA. MegaStat. R. Matlab. Python. EViews. If you are not comfortable with those terms today, over 16 months you will gain the practical skills required; learn how to use these tools; and become competitive in the job market.

Who You Are

Analytically gifted. A problem-solver. A multitasker who thrives under pressure. A communicator. A leader.

Becoming Career Ready

You are not limited to the classroom. Working with a dedicated Career Relationship Manager, along with providing career support, we learn who you are, and how we can maximize your potential to become an in demand hire for our employer partners.

Building Your Financial Toolkit

We build your finance toolkit with the theory and practical knowledge we know our employers are looking for in their new hires.

Theory, foundations and knowledge in Economics, Finance, Mathematics, and Statistics, Financial Markets and Products

Practical and in-depth understanding of Quantitative Analysis; Advanced Valuation Methodologies and Risk Models
  • Capital structure and cost of capital
  • Capital asset pricing models
  • Regression analysis
  • GARCH and stochastic volatility models
  • Fixed-income securities and their markets
  • Stock price discovery process and return anomalies
  • Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing model
  • Stochastic calculus and Ito’s lemma
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Finite difference methods
  • Forecasting and optimization in finance
  • Derivatives pricing and hedging strategies
  • Arbitrage pricing, Fama-French models, APT
  • Hull-White model, HJM forward rate model, LIBOR market models
  • Credit risk modeling
  • Risk budgeting and optimization
  • Value-at-risk and expected shortfall

Additional Tools

Valuation for Finance Professionals, Financial Institutions, Applied Corporate Finance, Portfolio Theory and Management, International Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Control, Market Trading and Risk Management, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Personal Financial Management, Behavioural Finance, Financial Risk Management, Ethics and Professional Practice in Finance, FinTech, Big Data in Finance.

Thinking About Applying?

Your Education

Graduates of Business, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, Statistics, and Actuarial Science are encouraged to apply.

Work Experience

You do not need work experience to apply to the Master of Finance program.


For January 2021 entry – $48,243 if you are an international student and $37,500 if you are a Canadian student (or permanent resident).

For September 2021 entry – $53,187 if you are an international student and $39,375 if you are a Canadian student (or permanent resident).

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