Missed Term Work

Missed Term Work

You can apply for relief of missed term work if you have or are going to miss an evaluated portion of your course.

You can request relief for:

  • Health-related or extenuating circumstances;
  • Representing the University at an academic or varsity event;
  • Religious obligations; or
  • Conflicts between two (or more) overlapping scheduled mid-term exams.

Requesting Relief for Missed Term Work

If you have missed a portion of your term work for legitimate reasons, as determined by the MFIN Program Office, the weight for that missed term work will be redistributed across the other assignments and exams of the course.

For missed work, forms and supporting documentation must be submitted to the MFIN Program Office within five (5) business days of missing the work or mid-term exam.

Requesting Relief for Term Work in Advance

If you know you will miss a portion of evaluated term work, you can request for relief/special arrangement in advance. Supporting documentation must be submitted to the MFIN Program Office at least ten (10) working days before the mid-term exam, test, assignment, etc.

Supporting Documentation

Please complete the Petition for Missed Term Work form in addition to:

  • For medical reasons you must provide the McMaster University Student Health Certificate and for extenuating circumstances, appropriate documentation;
  • For varsity reasons, have a designated University official provide a letter on University letterhead; or
  • For religious reasons, have your religious leader provide a letter stating that you are unable to be present due to a religious obligation.

The request must be handled by the MFIN Program Office. The appropriate distribution of re-weighting term work will be determined by the instructor.

Submitting a request does not guarantee approval or special consideration.


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